About Us

Unity House of Davenport was named after the concept that everyone, working together in UNITY, can make it.

Unity House is a "Not-For-Profit" Organization.   
Our transitional houses are safe and secure homes where men in their early stages of recovery learn to live together in harmony and assist each other in the growth of their sobriety, whether it be alcohol, drugs, or other behavioral disorders such as gambling addiction. Each house has a Resident Manager and a format that residents follow in order to keep the house clean and the people sober. Unity House strives to provide fertile ground for people to grow spiritually and emotionally.
In the fall of 2002, a reconstruction began at a former crack house, which became the first of many houses to be used for transitional housing in Davenport.  The house had been abused and neglected for years.  In addition to raising part of the building six inches, a great deal of work on the foundation was necessary.  It also needed new windows, siding, interior walls, and ceilings.  
Unity House has been open since December 2004 and has served over 2000 residents during that time.
  • House #1 opened in 2004
  • House #2 opened in 2006
  • House #3 opened in 2006
  • House #4 opened in 2007
  • House #5A opened in 2008
  • House #5B opened in 2009
  • House #6 opened in 2011
  • House #7 opened in 2013

Since opening our first house, men have gone on to live productive, meaningful lives without the use of alcohol or drugs. Many have been baptized, returned to their faith or found spirituality for the very first time They have also found meaningful work, have reunited with their families, and have a new way to live.