Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the costs?
Our monthly fees are $365.00 plus a $150.00 deposit. The deposit is refunded when a resident leaves provided the resident A) submits a 30 day notice in writing to the House Manager and B) is current with his fees. There is also a $5.00 per week paper fee which is collected at the mandatory house meeting on Sundays. The paper fee pays for bath tissue, paper towels, dish soap, cleaning supplies, etc.

2. What is included in the $365.00 per month fees?
The fee cover all utilities, furniture, bedding, pillow, telephone, washer and dryer (as long as Unity House can afford to keep them up), and the fellowship and brotherhood of a clean and sober environment.

3. Do we prepare our own meals?
Yes. Unity House residents prepare their own meals using the pots, pans, dishes, cups, glasses, etc. provided. They must clean up after their meal and do their own dishes.

4. How long will I be allowed to stay at Unity House?
The average stay at Unity House is from 3 to 6 months. However, we have residents that have been with us for a year or more. It depends on the individual. The resident is more apt to leave on their own than Unity House push them out, provided they stay sober and follow the rules.

5. Are there any single rooms available?
Unity House strives to encourage communication and group participation. The new resident can expect to be sharing his bedroom with 1 or 2 or 3 other residents, depending on the location of the Unity House and what is available. The last thing we want is for residents to isolate, for this can lead to using or drinking again.

6. How do I apply for residency?
Go to this website's home page and click on the link titled Unity House Application, print an application, and fax it to our office at (563) 232-1859. OR You may also call Dennis Haut at (563) 210-1513 or Eric Hoffmann (563) 676-5488 for an application. 

7. Do I have to be referred to Unity House from a treatment facility or hospital?
No, it is not necessary to come to Unity House from treatment. However, it is important for the prospective resident to know Unity House performs onsite UA’s (Urinalysis) and BAC’s (Blood Alcohol Content) and we have zero tolerance for someone under the influence of Alcohol and/or drugs. 

8. Where are the Unity Houses?
All 7 houses are centrally located in the City of Davenport, and near a bus stop. Some of the houses are closer to downtown Davenport, but not in downtown Davenport.

9. Is Unity House just for men?
As of this time, yes. Any male 18 years or older is welcome to apply.