Unity House provides housing for an average of 3 new people every week!

2010  Unity House admitted 164 new people averaging 13.6 new people month, or 3.2 new people per week.

2011  Unity House admitted 142 new people averaging 12 new people a month, or 2.7 new people per week.

2012 Unity House admitted 175 new people averaging 14.5 new people a month, or 3.3 new people per week.

2013 Unity House admitted 139 new people averaging 11.6 new people a month, or 2.7 new people per week.      
2014 Unity House admitted 113 new people averaging 9.4 new people a month, or 2.2 new people per week.

2015 Unity House admitted 111 men (as of 10/31/15), plus 43 men were here on Jan. 1, for a total of 154 for the year thus far.

Unity House boasts no "success rates." It is in keeping with The Good Book, specifically Matt 6:1-4  
In addition, Unity House knows the Good Lord gives us this day. That is enough. All we need to do is take care of today and now, trusting that The Lord will provide, as long as we put in the footwork. 
Because the success rate can be so "skewed" as to defining what determines a person a success, (i.e. 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, etc.) we keep it simple. All of the current Unity House Members are presently straight/clean/sober,
         therefore, our success rate is 100%!                  Praise God!!!