Orientation & Rules

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for admission to Unity House:

  1. A) The applicant understands and agrees Unity House is NOT rental property and is not subject to the same rules and regulations as such. Unity House is a recovery organization and breaking the rules can and will be sufficient grounds for forfeiting the Security Deposit and immediate dismissal from Unity House.
  2. B) The applicant must agree to complete a 30-day transitional period in which 1 Workbook, under the guidance of Becky Mueller CADC must be completed. Start Date: _______________ If the workbook is not completed in the 30 days the Transition Period is extended until it is completed to the CADC’s satisfaction.
  3. C) The applicant must agree to participate in their personal recovery.
  4. D) The applicant must express a desire to live in Unity House and agree to adhere to all of the house rules.
  5. E) A $150.00 security deposit is required which is refundable only if a 30-day notice is given using Form UH-13, 30 Day Notice and the applicant is current with their fees. Verbal notice is NOT acceptable. If the applicant is dismissed for infraction(s) of the rules the Security Deposit is forfeited. The applicant must have a reliable source of income to pay fees in the amount of $395.00 per month and agrees to leave immediately if 30 days or later on the fees. Any refund given will be distributed in CHECK form only, not cash, & it will be mailed from Unity House’s bank to the required forwarding address the Client leaves behind when they go.
  6. F) Agrees to pay a weekly fee of $5.00 for “Paper Supplies” for toilet paper, dish soap, paper towels, etc.
  7. F) The applicant will provide a list of all medical problems and prescription medications and will inform the House Manager of any changes as they occur.
  8. G) The applicant must agree to submit to urinalysis and/or BAC testing when requested. Unwillingness to submit to urinalysis or BAC testing when requested by the House Manager will result in immediate dismissal.
  9. H) The applicant can bring only amount that can fit in the space provided in the room (maximum of 2 garbage bags).
  10. I) Once all the above terms are agreed upon, the applicant will receive final notification of approval or disapproval from the House Manager or General Manager.

Unity House Rules & Regulations

  1. A) Residents are not to engage in the use of intoxicants/ mind or mood-altering chemicals, including Kratom, other than what is prescribed by a doctor. Any resident who is discovered to be in violation must leave the premises until they blow zeros and are not exhibiting using behavior. It is recommended they go to the hospital for safe detoxing. They will receive a strike and start Transition Period over again. If it happens again, they will receive a second strike. If it happens a third time, they will either be relocated to another Unity House or dismissed. The General Manager will be responsible for the final decision on who stays or goes. The security deposit will be forfeited if the resident is dismissed. They can re-apply to Unity House after 30 days.
  2. B) Possession of any alcohol, illegal substance; or prescription (not belonging to the resident) will result in immediate dismissal. In addition, possession of any weapon such as a firearm or knife, etc. is not allowed.
  3. C) Physical violence or threats of violence among residents, directed at the House Manager or anyone in the                                 

            community will not be tolerated.  First offense will be grounds for immediate dismissal. In addition, violations

            could result in prosecution under the law.

  1. D) Respect for Others:  Unity House has a zero-tolerance policy for any individual(s) conducting in any manner

            either verbally and/or physically displaying discrimination or prejudice towards house residents or anyone due

            to race, age, religion, creed or sexual orientation. First offense will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

  1. E) Verbal abuse directed at other residents, the House Manager or anyone in the community will not be tolerated. First offense will be grounds for immediate dismissal.
  2. F) Residents found to be involved in theft of property will be immediately dismissed and subject to prosecution under the law.
  3. G) Sexual activity by residents is not allowed on Unity House property. Sexual Activity is defined as any act that would lead to sexual/oral intercourse. There are to be NO overnight guests of either sex. Residents who are in violation will be subject to immediate dismissal.
  4. H) Absence without notification for a period of twenty-four hours or greater will convey the assumption that the resident no longer wishes to reside at Unity House. Residents who are in violation will be subject to the dismissal procedure as outlined above in item A.
  5. I) The use of tobacco products, (including snuff, chew, etc.) is not allowed in the house. Residents who are in violation will be subject to the dismissal procedure as outlined above in item A. Burning of sage, incense, candles, etc. is not allowed in the bedrooms. Use of any plug-in deodorant device or space heater is strictly prohibited unless approved by the General Manager. Candles in protective enclosures may be used in the living room.
  6. J) The use or possession of mouth wash that contains alcohol is not allowed. Any mouthwash that specifically says alcohol free is permitted. Also, no cans of compressed air or Dust Remover allowed.
  7. K) Residents agree to respect each other’s confidentiality. Residents who are in violation will be subject to the dismissal procedure as outlined above in item A.

Additional Policies & Expectations of Unity House

  1. A) Personal Recovery: All residents will attend a minimum of 3 meetings per week and the Sunday House Meeting. These meetings can consist of a combination of the following (AA, NA, CA, SA, GA, Church, and/or Treatment / Aftercare).  Attendance at meetings will be documented by the chairperson only during the transitional period and the paper(s) must be turned in at the mandatory House Meeting every week. Afterward you are on the honor system but still must attend a minimum of 3 meetings per week to remain a resident at Unity House.
  2. B) Transitional Period: New residents will be on transition for a minimum of 30 days; longer if the assigned workbook is not completed and approved by the CADC. There will be no overnight passes during this period. Rule violations during this period may result in immediate dismissal. Residents who violate rules, if allowed to stay, will restart a 30-day transitional period.
  3. C) Curfew: During the transitional period new residents will adhere to a 10:00 pm curfew.  The only exceptions to this will be residents who work late night shifts or who have prior approval.  If a resident becomes unavoidably detained, they are responsible to call the House Manager, (NOT another resident) and report their situation in a timely manner.  After successful completion of the transitional period and workbook residents are still expected to be in by Residents must notify the House Manager of overnight and/or extended absences at least 24 hours in advance.  Overnight passes will not be granted to residents 2 weeks or more behind on their fees. Be responsible and accountable, payment of your fees are what make Unity House possible.
  4. D) Absences: Absences during the transitional period are not allowed without a legitimate reason and permission from the House Manager.  It is each resident’s responsibility to notify the House Manager, (NOT another resident) and leave a number where you can be reached, utilizing UH-Form 21 Leave Request; to secure any prescription medication or valuables, and to make arrangements for your housekeeping assignments to be performed during extended absences.
  5. E) Housekeeping Assignments: All residents must share in the daily upkeep of Unity House and must participate in various housekeeping assignments by being assigned an area they are responsible for. Housekeeping assignments will be changed/rotated at the beginning of each month/week and residents should pass along a well-kept area. In addition, it is extremely important that residents maintain their bedrooms in a presentable order (i.e. beds made, clothing picked up, bedding washed once a week, carpet vacuumed, etc.)
  6. F) House Manager Duties: Conduct weekly House Meetings with house residents. Assign housekeeping duties to residents.  Perform inspections of the common and private areas. Perform a minimum of 2 weekly random drug and or alcohol tests and document findings utilizing Form UH-9. Issue “strikes” for any house violations and terminate when necessary. Resolve issues within the house. Mentor the recovery program by example.
  7. G) Medical Policy: Residents will notify the House Manager of all prescribed medications and be personally responsible to follow the instructions given by their doctor.  Tattoos or body piercing are not to be received or given on Unity House property.  This is due to potential health concerns and liability issues.
  8. H) Meals: All personal food should be stored in zip lock bags, Tupperware style containers, etc. Any spoiled food will be thrown away.  Purchase and preparation of food is each resident’s responsibility.  All residents are expected to clean up after themselves within a reasonable amount of time.  Food is not to be stored in the bedrooms. Snack foods are allowed in rooms but must be “cleaned up” following consumption.  Shared meals are OK, but don’t beg.  Residents should be self-supporting.  Use respect and common sense.  If you need help with food, contact the House Manager and work on a solution together.
  9. I) Visitors: Visitors are allowed any day from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.  All visitors must remain in the kitchen, dining area, family room or outside in the yard. Visitors are NOT allowed in the bedrooms. If visitors need to use the restroom they must be the only person in the restroom unless it is a child accompanied by an adult.  Unity House reserves the right to deny the presence of any visitor if they do not adhere to the rules or it is believed they would be a detriment to one of the residents, the house or its contents.  The House Manager will review the banning of any visitors.
  10. J) Televisions: Unity House will supply one TV located in the family room. Personal TV’s under 40” will be allowed in the bedrooms.  It is not intended that the television or the bedroom itself should be the sole diversion for residents.  Residents are encouraged to participate in other activities or service.  Participation is the key to harmony.  Residents will be required to pay a $20 disposal fee if they choose to leave the TV there.
  11. K) Wall Hangings: See the General Manager prior to attempting any changes or additions to the walls, windows, etc. Only items donated to Unity House will be hung on the walls, windows, etc. by the Maintenance Man.
  12. L) Stereos & Music Equipment: Small personal stereos or other types of music equipment are allowed. 
  13. M) Absolutely no furniture or property of any kind can be brought to Unity House property other than clothes and personal items. The only exception to this rule is furniture donated to Unity House and approved by the General Manager in advance. Absolutely no loaning or borrowing money among residents allowed! This is for your own protection as well as your fellow Unity House residents.
  14. N) Mail: Residents who bring in mail will place the mail on the dining room table or other designated area.
  15. O) Telephones: Residents may purchase cellular telephone service at their own expense. Personal cell phone numbers will be given to the House Manager and General Manager.
  16. P) Dress Code: Within limitations, residents may wear whatever they wish, with the exception of articles of       clothing which advertise brands of alcohol or drug use. Residents should be fully clothed whenever they are in the common areas. However, NO SHOES ARE TO BE WORN ON THE CARPETS. Keep our house clean.
  17. Q) Vehicles: Residents are permitted to own and/or operate vehicles (i.e. car, truck, or motorcycle).  The resident must be legally licensed for the vehicle. Vehicles may not be loaned or borrowed. Non-residents are not allowed to bring their cars to Unity House property for overnight or long-term repairs. Non-operative vehicles cannot be stored on Unity House property.  Park in approved areas and do not block the driveways.
  18. R) Fees: Fees are due in full on the first day of each month unless prior arrangements have been made with the Manager. Residents 1 month or more behind on their fees will be dismissed.
  19. S) Vacancies: Residents will be given the first opportunity to switch rooms before being filled with a new resident provided they have demonstrated good behavior that would warrant such a move.
  20. T) Laundry: A washer and dryer may or may not be made available and may be coin operated machines.
  21. U) Disaster Plan: The House Manager will check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors monthly, documenting results on Form UH-22 CO/Smoke Detector Inspection Sheet and taking appropriate actions when necessary.  Residents will immediately report any problems to the House Manager. Do not tamper with or deactivate any safety device. Penalty for doing so is immediate dismissal.
  22. V) Community Service: All residents are encouraged to become involved in the community.  The House Manager will assist residents with service ideas. “Participation is the key to harmony.”
  23. W) Common Courtesy: The house common areas are the family room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, front porch, and grounds. Sleeping or laying down on the couches in any fashion other than sitting in an upright position will not be tolerated. Beds are for sleeping on, not couches!!!
  24. X) Private Areas: The house private areas are the bedrooms and bathroom when it is occupied.  Residents will not enter each other’s bedrooms without permission.
  25. Y) Energy Conservation: Residents are responsible to turn off lights, fans, stereos, TV’s and appliances when not in use.  In the winter, the house thermostat will be set to maintain comfortable temperatures of 68 to 70  During the warmer summer months, the air conditioning will be set no colder than 74 degrees. Fans will be turned off when not in use. Be responsible and use common sense, conserve energy.


Summary of General Expectations

  1. A) Maintain your goals of recovery and further your recovery process toward a quality of living where abstinence from mood-altering chemicals is your primary goal.
  2. B) Demonstrate responsibility in your daily living by accepting and owning your own behavior, completing your house tasks, and cooperating with your fellow residents.
  3. C) Extend common courtesy and respect to the dignity, rights, and property of fellow residents and the House Manager.
  4. D) Actively and honestly work on changing self-defeating attitudes and behaviors; to include the elimination of foul language in and out of the House. (4 letter words, etc.)
  5. E) Actively seek and find new sober leisure interests, recreational activities, and positive social relations.
  6. F) Continue to build a solid foundation spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
  7. G) Build a foundation within the recovery community and strive to incorporate the important recovery principles, Unity, Recovery, and Service, into your daily living.
  8. H) Be a productive resident of the community. No one is allowed to be in bed on the weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM unless your work is 2nd or 3rd Shift or your days off are during the week. Use this time productively. (Eg. Go to a meeting, for a walk, read a book, card or board games with co-residents, etc.)
  9. I) Protect Unity House property and the furnishings from damage, fire, and theft.




Confidentiality is a must!

You must always respect the confidentiality of your Unity House family.

Unity House Mission Statement

Unity House Davenport will provide education and support to individuals with substance and behavioral addictions in a safe, semi-structured environment with access to additional resources for living abstinent from problem behaviors.


I have been read the rules line by line by a Unity House Manager or Representative and I fully understand, and agree to the rules and regulations of Unity House: